What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please ensure that you have everything required to complete your tax return by referring to our handy check-list.  This will both expedite your return without delay as well as assist us to keep our fees as low as possible as additional appointments could result in additional fees.

Please contact us for:

  • Rental Income deductions worksheet

  • Small Business deductions worksheet

  • Home Daycare business worksheet

For Personal Returns:

  • Letter authorizing Rose Tax Service to process your return if someone is attending appointment on your behalf
  • All income slips T-4's, OAS, CPP, T5, T3, etc
  • Foreign income including foreign pensions and interest from foreign accounts
  • GAINS/LOSS sheet from investors - An additional $30 fee for having to track down from investor
  • SIN #'s and all T4's or Net Income of all dependants you are claiming
  • RRSP receipts
  • Spousal support payments either paid or received & supporting documents ie court order, copies of cashed cheques,
  • Returns for deceased clients must be accompanied by a Death Certificate &a copy of will
  • Returns for someone you have power of attorney for, we need a copy of the power of attorney
  • Estate Trust Returns are due March 31
  • Employment expenses totalled accompanied by Declaration of conditions of Employment (T2200) signed by employer (mileage log required for vehicle expenses)
  • TL2 signed by employer if claiming Transport Employment Meal Allowance
  • Teachers/Educators Expense list – added up along with a signed employers Certification 
  • Moving expenses if over 40 kms closer to new employment
  • Tuition T2202A + students net income - students can download from student web-site) if tuition is to be transferred - student to sign page 2 of form for transfer ALSO require students net income
  • Public Transit receipts
  • Medical receipts must exceed 3 % of income to be a deductible expense. A year end total may be obtained from pharmacy / dental / chiro etc to assist in tallying of receipts 
  • Charitable donations (may accumulate for 5 years)
  • Registration fees for children under age 16 for organized fitness & artistic programs 
  • Property taxes or rent
  • A cheque or Direct Deposit info form from bank to set up new change in direct deposit into an account
  • If principal residence is sold 2016 or later we need the sale and purchase documents to report